Our Range

All of our loaves are created using traditional sourdough methods including a long fermentation period, simple high quality ingredients and no commerical yeast or preservatives. Our loaves are also vegan friendly. 
With our base sourdough recipe, we use only three ingredients - flour, salt and water. The long fermentation process and good bacteria breaks down the gluten proteins, making it easier to digest.

The Everyday Pan Sourdough Loaf - Nutritional Information
The Everyday Pan loaf brings the flavour and health benefits of traditonal long fermentation sourdough to a convienient shape. Great for toast or sandwiches. 
The Flax & Sunflower Seed Sourdough Loaf - Nutritional Information
Our tastiest yet, this loaf combines our much-loved original sourdough recipe with delicious flax & sunflower seeds. Enjoy all the health benefits of traditionally made sourdough with the added goodness of flax & sunflower seeds.
The Olive & Rosemary Sourdough Loaf - Nutritional Information
Another classic combining olive & rosemary to our original sourdough recipe. Often used in dips & platters this loaf is sure to become a favourite.

The Spiced Fruit Sourdough Loaf - Nutritional Information
Our spiced fruit sourdough loaf is a healthy take on the hot cross bun recipe with no dairy products used! We have combined mixed spice, cinnamon, and sultanas soaked in orange juice & zest to give a naturally sweet flavour. 

Sourdough Batard - Nutritional Information
Sharing the same recipe as our much-loved original loaf, the Batard Sourdough loaf brings the flavour and health benefits to a traditional shape.