Our Story

Mount Sourdough Co. was started by a Mother (Margaret) and Son (Sam) passionate about healthy food and in particular traditional long fermentation sourdough bread. Her passion for sourdough combined with his drive to share it resulted in them embarking on this venture together. 

With completely unrelated backgrounds of Teaching (Margaret) and Engineering (Sam), the journey has been full of learning but the passion has made the journey all the more exciting. The recent move to a new premises, opens the door to lots of new exciting opportunities for the future.

The journey to develop the unique recipes and processes came through years of trialling different methods using inspiration from the traditional sourdoughs of Europe. No commercial yeast or additives/preservatives are used! The traditional methods along with simple wholesome ingredients give the sourdough a unique flavour whilst having a positive impact on your gut health.

Being able to share the passion and produce heathy food for everyone to enjoy is what drives the Mother & Son team at Mount Sourdough Co. 

Capturing the Passionate Baker (Margaret) in action 

 Our Original Boule loaves, Mount Maunganui - New Zealand